Your service provider for Structural Fire Protection & Leak Detection

The Team of ETERNA-PROTECT has a several decade lasting experience in structural fire protection, insulation, building preservation and systems for petrochemical and tank storage industry. This also includes services such as sand and dry ice blasting, protective coatings, concrete renovation and insulation. We'd appreciate to provide our know-how as well as our services to you and support your enterprises and projects with perfect solutions – both in Austria and abroad.

Eterna-Protect Brandschutzbeschichtung Stahlträger
Eterna-Protect Brandschutz
Eterna-Protect Brandschutzbandage
Eterna-Protect Brandschutz-Rohrdämmung
Eterna-Protect Brandschutz Überlager
Eterna-Protect Bodenbeschichtung Ordination
Eterna-Protect Leckschutz Wanne Petrochemie
Eterna-Protect Petrochemie Wannenauskleidung
Eterna-Protect Industrie Wannenbeschichtung
Eterna-Protect Sandstrahlen
Eterna-Protect Brandschutz-Beschichtungen
Eterna-Protect Korrosionsschutz
Eterna-Protect Gewässerschutz Tanklager
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Eterna-Protect Trockenbau
Eterna-Protect Dry Ice Blasting
Eterna-Protect Deckenbeschichtung Künstlerhaus Wien
Eterna-Protect dry ice blasting Kuenstlerhaus Vienna
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